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Great War Commemorative Rising Sun Collection LARGE

Great War Commemorative Rising Sun Collection LARGE

Since 1902 the iconic Rising Sun hat badge has undergone seven official iterations. But in the Great War, the official 1904 Rising Sun badge - the third version - was adapted by units and battalions to create unique badges to represent the individuals and units who served under the Rising Sun.
This stunning collection carries all seven iterations of the official Rising Sun badges plus a selection of unique designs never approved but widely worn during the Great War including:
14 Australian Light Horse Regiment Badge
This badge was created for the 14th Battalion Australian Light Horse Regiment, the mounted infantry or light horse unit of the Australian Army during the Great War.
A.I.F Camel Corps Badge
Some A.I.F. units and corps in the Great War 'adapted' the official 1904 Pattern Rising Sun hat badge to create unique designs to reflect their structure or role. The Imperial Camel Corps, formed in January 1916, created its unique design that was never approved for use by Australia's military command A.I.F. cameleers.
1st Remount Unit Badge
An unofficial badge was created for the 1st Remount Unit. This adaptation was not approved for wear but was often widely worn by those serving in the unit.
British Red Cross - Australian Division Badge
This badge is an unofficial creation for the British Red Cross – Australian Division and combines the rays of the rising sun with a cross above the banner.
While few examples of these 'unofficial' badges remain, records suggest they were worn with pride by many who served under them.
This sensational collection brings you closer to history and is a beautiful display item to honour the history of the Rising Sun, both officially and through its unofficial adaptations

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